To (kind of) quote HNJ.

I'll be back soon, doing something new - (heck, i've even bought the domain already) but for now, Bye Bye.

It's been a lovely couple of years on the internet for me, starting way back in 2008/9 Dizzy Loves Icy through to the more foodie based Tangerine Canteen, but I've kind of ran out of steam and i've def ran out of love for blogging and I've found myself just wanting to focus more on what lies ahead. Even as I type this, i'm feeling like a weight has been lifted and i'm feeling refreshed which can only be a good thing.

So, I'll be wrapping things up here over the next couple of weeks and archiving all the family memory posts and possibly moving some relevant recipes to my new internet nook, but.... well, I guess this is it.


Eeeeek. Ta-ra folks & thank-you x

Vulnerability in the age of Snapchat

I found this episode of Talking in Circles really good. I won't go into too much of it, because I want you to watch it, but it's a really good way to look at social media, because it's 2016 and you can't escape social media (damn). They talk about how it's really changed the game for so many people and how curating the list of the people you follow, is really, really important.

It's something that I totally get. I've followed people on Instagram in the past who have ended up making me feel pretty rubbish about the things I do, which is crazy. Why do that to yourself? So, I had a little clean up of who i follow, which has been refreshing to say the least. It's a message I'm going to try and pass on to the kids when the time comes too; follow people who inspire you, who empower you, who make you smile and who are real. 

Other Talking in Circles - Anxiety Toolbox (also really good) and Why I Didn't text You Back.