Vulnerability in the age of Snapchat

I found this episode of Talking in Circles really good. I won't go into too much of it, because I want you to watch it, but it's a really good way to look at social media, because it's 2016 and you can't escape social media (damn). They talk about how it's really changed the game for so many people and how curating the list of the people you follow, is really, really important.

It's something that I totally get. I've followed people on Instagram in the past who have ended up making me feel pretty rubbish about the things I do, which is crazy. Why do that to yourself? So, I had a little clean up of who i follow, which has been refreshing to say the least. It's a message I'm going to try and pass on to the kids when the time comes too; follow people who inspire you, who empower you, who make you smile and who are real. 

Other Talking in Circles - Anxiety Toolbox (also really good) and Why I Didn't text You Back.


Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen! 

Ever since I was a little girl (and mildly obsessed with the biopic of Hans Christian Anderson starring Danny Kaye, ahem) I've wanted to visit Copenhagen, and this time last week, that childhood dream came true as we visited "the coolest kid on the Scandinavian block" - as promised by Lonely Planet.

It really is a pretty cool, and very beautiful city and whilst I know it's not really representative of the Denmark that i'd really like to discover one day, it was an amazing place to visit none the less. It kind of reminded me of both Briggen, in Norway and our very own uber-cool city, Bristol, but with more blonde girls with top-notches.

We took a walk from where we docked via The Little Mermaid and through the park to the Royal Palace, where we saw a guard leave his post to tell off a mother who had let her child sit down on the pavement. Note to self - no sitting on the Queens pavement! India found this hilarious, apparently not at all wary of the massive gun he was carrying, instead just giggling at the fact that he had actually told someone off! As a result of this teeny 30 second snippet of our day, all her Denmark souvenirs are of course postcards or magnets of the Royal Guards. Ha!

We walked a little further before stopping for beer and ice-creams (with marshmallow cream of course) to chat about what to do for the rest of the day, before agreeing that a boat tour and some more exploring would do the trick!

I spotted these two ladies waving to passengers on our little boat and thought "what a nice place to be retired" ...

We went under lots of really low bridges on our boat tour and on every one was this sticker "it's only love, give it away"...

It soon started to rain, so we opted for lunch at Ophelia which is the restaurant situated inside the Royal Danish Playhouse - such a gorgeous place to stop at. I tried a traditional smoked salmon Smørrebrød - a Danish open sandwich, for my lunch which was delicious and even though it was mega trendy inside and full of locals, the kids were more than welcome there & we'd definitely go back for seconds!

When we arrived, a group of musicians were finishing up a performance, which sounded like it would have been the perfect soundtrack to our meal. After they had packed up, they strapped their massive instruments to their backs and cycled off home in the rain. I noticed how everyone seems to cycle in Copenhagen and yep, no-one moans about the rain!

Thanks for having us, Copenhagen! We will definitely visit again.